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Evacuation vehicle

Emergency roadside assistance is in high demand because the number of cars is constantly growing and you never know just when you need help. Accidents, breakdowns, collisions, and other unfortunate occasions put forward the need for fast, damage-free towing and repair. Whatever your emergency or requirement may be, simply contact our service to get professional help.

AGAT-Logistics delivers its service within and outside Nizhny Novgorod region, as well as in CIS. Operating 24 hours a day, our experts destinate help to any part of our city. Our experienced professionals will take an exceptional care of your vehicle.

Contact Us Today for All Your Towing and Recovery Needs:

Call (831) 410-55-77 and report:

Also contact us online to get a response from our experts, who can provide all information concerning terms, conditions and prices.

AGAT-Logistics Recovery Service ensures a fast and safe delivery of your vehicle anywhere at any time.

To obtain our service you need to have a passport or other ID, as well as proof of ownership.

Please consider our Price list to estimate the cost of service.

AGAT-Logistics Recovery Service and Roadside Assistance will save your time and money.

Agat-Logistics Recovery Service Development Project «8 Districts» 2011:

AGAT Logistics has started up the «8 Districts» 2011 project.

In April two HUYNDAI 78-based tow trucks will join our fleet which consists of tried-and-true equipment, including MAN TGL 180 double-decker tow truck ready to transport up to four vehicles.

In may we put forth Hino 500 truck with up to 7 ton capacity for microbuses and medium truck towing.

AGAT Logistcs towing equipment will be situated in each of the 8 Nizhny Novgorod districts to offer round the clock fast quality service.

We are planning on implementing the first stage of the «8 Districts» 2011 project by wintertime with 15 tow trucks in our fleet in November enabling our recovery service and emergency roadside assistance to operate even faster.

In early spring AGAT Logistics will have a comprehensive network of towing equipment in Nizhny Novgorod to make sure that our customers receive immediate and responsive support.

We use only safe and reliable quality transporters equipped with state-of-the-art satellite communication systems allowing our customers to track the exact location of their vehicle. All vehicles undergo preventative and running maintenance, as well as MOT testing performed at dealer service stations.

Our impeccable record, experience and professionalism, as well as perfect condition of our equipment, are the basic principles we offer to provide superior recovery service.

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