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The company «AGAT-Logistics» is a well coordinated team of professionals which endeavors to provide best and wide spectrum of services for our customers to relish our work as an integral part of their business in order to establish long-term relationships.

The company AGAT-Logistics is a dynamic and progressive business specializing in vehicle shipping in the CIS. Our acquired experience has led us to impeccable management and supreme quality in all the business transactions and services.

The company AGAT-Logistics consistently sets a high standard of performance. Delivering logistics solutions for many years, we enjoy a reputation as a competent and reliable partner providing quality and speedy services to clients. Leading CIS companies prefer to work with AGAT-Logistics. Whether using our shipping, recovery, insurance, or roadside assistance options, you receive an outstanding level of service.

Along with core business, AGAT-Logistics features warehousing which is essential if our customer should face difficulties with picking up and distribution of the delivered loads. In this case warehousing is the best solution to ensure substantial care and safety.

We especially pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and professional recovery service. Operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year, it can transport your car to any destination within and outside Nizhny Novgorod Region. The newest equipment and towing trucks loading up to 4 cars propel us to the top position in the field. Currently we are expecting a heavy-duty crane to join our fleet.

The company AGAT-Logistics offers cooperation in automotive logistics including truck and driveaway delivery, recovery, emergency roadside assistance, warehousing, dispatch and distribution of your cargo in Russia. Many years of steady and efficient operation have brought local success and international recognition.


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