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Today «AGAT-Logistics» works closely with its partners including GAZ group, Toyota Motor RUS, Hyundai Motor RUS, GLOVIS, Sollers, AutoClub Assistance-Rus, MONDIAL Assistance, Europe Assistance, etc.

If you are willing to join our partnership or become our supplier please fill out the form on our website.

To enhance the efficiency of our work, AGAT-Logistics presents Legal Informationconcerning our shipping services. Please feel free to download the provided files or contact our experts

Toyota Motor RUS GLOVIS Sollers
Toyota Motor RUS GLOVIS Sollers
Hyundai Motor RUS  Volkswagen
Hyundai Motor RUS GAZ Group Volkswagen
 - MONDIAL Assistance Europe Assistance
AutoClub Assistance-Rus MONDIAL Assistance Europe Assistance


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