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Our Company

«AGAT-Logistics» is a leading Russian vehicle shipping company in the CIS.

Since 2000 AGAT is the official auto transporter for Russian Machines Corporation.

With a moderate share at the beginning, today AGAT-Logistics is the sole provider of logistics services to GAZ group in Nizhny Novgorod region, shipping on transporters or driving commercial vehicles and construction equipment driven or trucked from manufacture to dealers in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the Republic of Belarus.

Our constantly advancing fleet of car shipping transports already numbers 400 SCANIA tractors with Kaessbohrer, Lohr, and Rolfo trailers. All our transporters are equipped with satellite communication systems allowing our customers to map the exact location of their loads.

In 2007 AGAT-Logistics became an active ASMAP member.

Making an ongoing effort to serve our customers at a higher level and building successful partnerships, we’ve gained a considerable experience. AGAT-Logistics features:

  • hand-picked team of professionals (over 600 members)
  • state of the art management and information technologies
  • a comprehensive logistics infrastructure (warehouse space, service centers, specialized software, etc.)
  • federal licenses and approvals
  • reputation of a reliable business partner

We offer a wide range of services and the best logistics solutions to provide a differentiated approach to private individuals, carmakers, and auto dealerships.

Our additional services include auto driveaway and recovery in Nizhny Novgorod and outside the city, as well as delivery and storage, warehouse logistics, etc.


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